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Best High-Speed Blenders 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

A high-speed blender

There are so many different high-speed blender manufacturers and products to choose from. They all advertise themselves with having fancy features and new inventions. This has resulted in a flooded market with hundreds of blenders to choose from. All in all, this makes it a long and tedious process to decide which one will be […]

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Vitamix 6300 Blender Review – Pros, Cons & Verdict

Vitamix 6300

Review Summary When it comes to blenders, Vitamix is king of the kingdom. They make some of the best products that you can get, and, as you might expect, some of the most expensive as well. The Vitamix 6300 maintains the company’s reputation both for quality and for price. The object of today is to […]

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Best Blenders with a Glass Jar 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

a blender with a glass jar

A great blender can help you quickly prepare a broad range of foods, from healthy smoothies to hearty soups. If you’re looking for a blender that will last for years and blend even the toughest ingredients, you may want to purchase a model with a durable, attractive glass jar. Though they may be a bit […]

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Best Blenders Under $200 – Reviews & Top Picks 2020

a blender for green smoothie

The blender may have been invented to make milkshakes, but it’s evolved a great deal in its 96 years. Along the way, it even helped Jonas Salk invent the polio vaccine (and you should only investigate that claim further if you have a strong stomach). Nowadays people use blenders to make everything from smoothies to […]

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Best Budget Juicers 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

a budget juicer

When we started testing juicers for this review, we wanted to look at them in terms of which model delivered what in terms of value. We set aside the usual question of which juicers are just better, and instead focused on which model could do what based on a limited budget. That meant setting aside […]

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