Best Blenders For Juicing 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

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juice from a blenderIn this guide, we will let you know about the best blender for juicing right now. We will show you our top pick, the best pick for the money, and a lot more picks in our review section. We will also give you a handy buying guide to show you how to choose the perfect blender for juicing. Let’s get it started with the Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend!

Our 5 Favorite Products of 2019:

Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend
Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend
(Top Pick)

Check Price
10 pounds
Ninja Professional BL660
Ninja Professional BL660
(Best for the Money)

Check Price
10 pounds
Oster Versa BLSTVB-RV0
Oster Versa BLSTVB-RV0

Check Price
11.8 pounds
Vitamix S30
Vitamix S30

Check Price
5 pounds
Cleanblend 3HP 2001
Cleanblend 3HP 2001

Check Price
11 pounds

5 Best Blenders for Juicing – Reviews:

1. Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend Juice Blender – Top Pick

Vitamix 1782 TurboBlendWhat a surprise! A Vitamix takes the top spot. To many people, the Vitamix is the last word in blenders and for good reason. They make great machines. We believe that the Vitamix 1782 is the best blender for juicing on the market right now.

Another thing that Vitamix is synonymous with is price – they are generally very pricey – but this model is actually on the cheaper side which is a welcome surprise. In essence, this model is the Vitamix 5200 without the option to use variable pre-set speeds. So, you have to put in a little more work but you get the same results. That is a good deal.

The Vitamix 1782 can blend anything and even double as a food processor. It is a particularly good juicer and can handle fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. It is a blender so the juice will not store as long as with a masticating juicer. If you are buying this, you want great juice, but you want other things too. You might use it to make juice but also make pancake batter on a Sunday morning. That is not as easy with a masticating juicer!

  • A cheaper Vitamix 5200
  • Same long warranty
  • Can blend almost anything
  • Only has a constant speed setting
  • Large footprint

2. Ninja Professional BL660 Blender for Juicing – Best for the Money

Ninja Professional BL660The Ninja Professional BL660 makes a strong case to be added to a lot of kitchen countertops, especially for larger families. In our opinion, it is the best blender for juicing for the money that is out there right now. Not everyone wants to take out a second mortgage so they can get a Vitamix or a Blendtec (only a slight exaggeration!) and the Ninja Professional BL660 does most of what the average user would need.

It features a strong motor and large jug, so whipping up juice for a lot of people is a breeze. You don’t even have to remove the lid to pour as the spout is built in. It is also safe and easy to clean.

The downsides are primarily related to the price. It feels cheap and plasticky to the touch. This doesn’t hurt the performance of course, but it could be a concern to some users. It also only comes with a one year warranty which is an additional concern.

It is a great pick, however, especially if you have a large family. It can juice any type of produce and crushes ice easily. It is not fantastic at cutting vegetables producing an uneven chop. All in all, it just works at this price point. It will produce quality juice for a large number of people at the fraction of the cost of its competitors.

  • Large pitcher
  • Strong motor
  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Some learning curve
  • One year warranty
  • Plasticky

3. Oster Versa BLSTVB-RV0 Juice Blender

Oster Versa BLSTVB-RV0The Oster Versa BLSTVB-RVO is a well outside the normal Oster comfort zone – which is cheap but cheerful models not even in the same zip code as a Vitamix or a Blendtec. The Oster Versa however, is a direct competitor and it has a lot going for it.

It comes with a powerful motor and has a pleasing low profile on the countertop. The jug still remains large, however. One thing I love is the 7-year warranty which is comparable to Vitamix at a much cheaper price. It can juice anything, producing well-textured juice from fruit, vegetables, and leafy greens. The only thing it can’t seem to do almost as well as a Vitamix, is mix dough.

The only other downsides compared to its famous competitors, is the possible fragility of the jar (compared to the Vitamix and the fact that this is not made in the USA. These are both deal-breakers for some but not for most users.

When it comes to juicing though, this machine offers a fantastic value proposition. You get something almost as good as a Vitamix or Blendtec for half the price. Who doesn’t like that?

  • 7-year warranty
  • Easily storable jar with a low profile
  • Fantastic price
  • Made in China
  • Plastic jar could be fragile

4. Vitamix S30 Blender

Vitamix S30When people think of Vitamix, they think of industrial sized machines perched on counter tops. The Vitamix S30 buck the trend somewhat as a compact blender. It doesn’t sacrifice all of the famous Vitamix traits. It is strong, sturdy and pricey.

The Vitamix S30 comes with three containers for different size drinks and is just about 16 inches tall with the biggest container. It is extremely simple to use as it is designed for quick use and smoothies on the go. However, unlike other compact blenders, it can crush ice, make frozen drinks and even stretch to nut butter.
The downside, as mentioned, is price. The Vitamix S30 is almost as expensive as the top of the range Vitamix models. Of course, there is a premium put on counter space so it could be worth it to the user who wants power with a small footprint. One possible problem for some users is that in the strive for simplicity, the Vitamix S30 sacrifices preset controls.

The bottom line, is that if you want small and powerful, this is the machine for you. It can deal with fruit, veg and leafy greens equally well as well as smoothies and frozen drinks. If you 95% of the function of a Vitamix 5200 in a much smaller package, go with the Vitamix S30.

  • Structurally sound
  • 3 containers for different size drinks
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • No preset controls
  • Very pricey

5. Cleanblend 3HP 2001 Blender

Cleanblend 3HP 2001If you want a Vitamix, but don’t want to pay Vitamix money, then the Cleanblend 3HP 2001 could be right up your alley. It gives you much of the performance of the Vitamix 5200 at less than half the price. Much like the Vitamix 5200 it is a versatile machine capable of juicing fruit, vegetables and leafy greens. It can also handle smoothies, frozen drinks, sauces and nut butter.

So, what’s the catch? There are some downsides to the Cleanblend 3HP 2001. Even for a blender, this is a really noisy machine. If you have close neighbors or need to use the blender early in the morning, then that could be a problem. Another inconvenience is the lack of preset controls, which can be inconvenient when in a hurry especially. Also, this is not a good option is counter space is at a premium. This is a tall machine and may not fit easily under cupboards.

However, I keep coming back to the price. If you want a commercial blender for juicing in your kitchen and you don’t want to pay out of the nose, then this is a fantastic option.

  • Fantastic power at this price
  • Simple to use
  • BPA free jug
  • Large footprint
  • Lacks presets
  • Extremely noisy

Buyer’s Guide

In an ideal world, juice lovers will have the counter space – and the money – to afford a juicer and a blender. Unfortunately, the world in which we live is not ideal. People need to be smart with their money and countertop real estate. That’s where juicing blenders come in.

Juicing… Blending… What’s the difference?

The main difference between juicers and blenders is simple. A juicer automatically separates the pulp from the juice. A blender, however, requires you to do the separating. Using a strainer, you can remove the pulp and have yourself a nice glass of refreshing juice. But, the process is messy and time-consuming. Unless, you invest in the right blender.

Buying the perfect blender for juicing requires attention to four factors: motor’s power, jar’s size, jar’s design and blade’s construction. I’ll take you through each of these parameters. Let’s begin with the most obvious question.

How powerful should my blender’s motor be?

All other things remaining equal, a blender with a more powerful motor juices ingredients quicker, easier, and more efficiently than a blender with a less powerful motor. Manufacturers indicate a blender’s power in Watts, in horsepower, or both. To keep things simple, use only the wattage rating as your basis for comparing products. A good juicing blender must have a motor that’s at least 1000 watts.

In addition to a powerful motor, a good juicing blender must allow adequate speed control. So, look at the available speed control and pre-programmed settings. For example, the Oster Versa has three speed settings and three pre-programmed settings. The Vitamix TurboBlend has only two speed settings and no pre-programmed settings. Since you’re going to use the blender for more than just juicing, having more speed settings helps. But remember, speed setting is not an independent parameter. Always consider the speed settings in conjunction with the motor’s power.

Is a 64-ounce jar too big? Is a 32-ounce jar too small?

Decisions regarding the jar’s size stumps many people. In the end, they just ignore it and take whatever comes with the product. This is a big mistake. You must choose the jar’s size wisely. Selecting the jar size depends on a few important choices. Let’s see what they are:

Batch Processing vs Bulk Processing: If the blender’s motor is powerful enough, like the 1380-Watt motor in the Vitamix TurboBlend, you can juice ingredients in bulk. But, if the motor is relatively less powerful, like the 840-Watt motor in the Vitamix S30, you must juice the ingredients in batches. Bulk processing needs a large jar, 64-ounces or more. But, for batch processing, a smaller jar size will do.
Juicing for One vs Juicing for Many: This is a no-brainer. If you’re making juice only for yourself, use a smaller a jar size. Otherwise, buy a big one. Some blenders, such as the Ninja Professional BL660, comes with a single-serve option. The single serve option lets you make one serving in its Nutri Ninja Cup and many servings in its 72-ounce XL jar.

Long Prep Time vs Short Prep Time: If you don’t mind spending time cutting the ingredients into small pieces, you can get away with a small jar size. But, if you want to minimize your time in the kitchen, you’ll need a bigger jar in which you can put roughly cut ingredients or whole ingredients.

Based on these choices, you can choose a big jar or a small one. The best option, of course, is to choose a product that gives you both large-sized and small-sized jars.

Wouldn’t it be better if I wait until I can afford a juicer?

The great news is, you don’t have to postpone buying a juicing blender, even if you’re on a tight budget. There are products you can buy without burning a hole in your pocket. For instance, take the Ninja Professional Blender. Costing around $100, the Ninja Professional is not just a great juicing blender, it is also an awesome blender overall. So, you don’t have to delay living a healthy lifestyle.

Also, if you’re new to the whole juicing scene, it’s safer to wait for a while before making expensive investments. After incorporating juices into your diet for a few months, if you see that it’s something you’d do for the rest of your life, you can upgrade to a juicer. But, until you’re sure juicing is for you, hedge your bets a little by using a juicing blender.

What’s the warranty on these blenders?

A juicing blender is an interim product. Unlike long-term purchases, you don’t need a long-term warranty. Since you will upgrade to a juicer later, don’t put too much stress on the warranty. At the same time, read the warranty policy carefully. If you receive a defective product, you’ll need the warranty to get your product repaired or replaced. Such defects present themselves within a year’s time. So, a one-year limited warranty for such products is good enough. Always keep the original bill safely in your custody. You will need to show date of purchase and proof of purchase to claim the warranty.

Is there anything else?

The most compelling reason for buying a juicing blender is its versatility. A juicer is just a juicer. But, a juicing blender is so much more. Here’s a taste of all you can do with a juicing blender. You can mill grains to make your own flour mix, churn delicious ice creams, chop a rough garnish for your salad, blend a mix for a hot soup, or make yummy nut butter. Don’t forget, smoothies offer as much – or perhaps even more – nutritional benefits than juices do. So, your commitment to living a healthy life won’t take a beating just because you didn’t own a juicer.

Wow, where do I start?

Any of the products in this list is a great place for you to start. The list caters to a wide range of situations. If you’re looking for a lean, mean, performance machine, try the Vitamix TurboBlend. For the best bang for the buck, you have the Ninja Professional. IF you want to keep things plain and simple, go for the Vitamix S30. If you want to widen your search beyond the products here, you should look at some noteworthy Blendtec and Nutri Bullet products.


Alright, so I think we covered all our bases when it comes to blenders that can do double duty as a juicer.

There are a ton of blenders out there to choose from but hopefully, we have made your decision easier. I say this a lot but improving your health is a choice and it is a choice made easier by creating your own nutrient delivery system. That is what a blender is. You put the produce in and you get this magical nutrient-dense elixir out. A great blender that you like to use and is up to the challenge can literally be a lifesaver. It can be the beginning of a new and healthier you.

There are so many options out there outside our top 5. They come highly recommended and there should be something to suit everyone in there. If there isn’t, or you want to explore what’s out there, use our buying guide as a map. It will take you to where you need to go.

I love all of our top 5 choices. They fit almost every kitchen, budget and need out there. I’m excited to be you right now! You have this choice for a healthier tomorrow – what choice will you make?

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