Juicing for Weight Loss Comes with Dangers


Juicing has various benefits and one of them is weight loss. However, you have to know that there are actually dangers that come with juicing for weight loss. For your sake, we’ll enumerate each of them. Here they are:

  1. Foodborne Illness Sometimes, if you aren’t careful in choosing the fruits and vegetables you’ll use for juicing, it may lead to foodborne illness. Some foods carry disease-causing microorganisms that can harm the body more than it can strengthen it. According to the Food and Drug Administration, raw produce is responsible for hepatitis, E. coli, salmonellosis, cyclosporiasis, and bacillary dysentery which can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and even kidney failure.
  2. The Loss of Muscle Mass Yes, you can lose weight by substituting your meals with your preferred juice. But when you do this too often, you may not receive enough protein for your body. This is because most juices are low in protein and some of them have no protein at all. Our bodies need protein in order to build healthy immune cells and restore muscles. Working out is definitely a great way to build muscle but not taking in enough protein will cause your body to get sick. It will also give short-term results, too.
  3. Anorexia Some people tend to rely on juice alone, which is terrifying since it may cause anorexia especially if you’ve had a problem with it before. Don’t rely much on what you see on television or what your friends tell you. Extreme juice fasting may work for some, but it sure doesn’t work for everyone. To be safe, consult a health expert first, one who really has a degree or a certification and is legit to give advice. It’s always better to ask first than to act like you know everything. After all, it’s your own body who’s going to suffer if you don’t consult a professional.
  4. One Upset Stomach Digestive distress can be caused by sorbitol—an indigestible sugar that some fruits contain. Usually found in peaches, pears, apples, sweet cherries, and prunes, sorbitol can cause gas, cramping of the stomach, and even diarrhea in some people. Most of the time, children are the victims of the stomach pain that sorbitol produces. But if you have a sensitive stomach, you should be careful as well.
  5. Diabetes This is a common sickness. Though some juices are able to reduce your chances of having one, too much juicing can actually lead you to it. It’s ironic, isn’t? This happens because our body absorbs juices faster than it does with whole fruits and vegetables, thereby rising blood sugar instead of sustaining energy. It can also happen when you only drink fruit juice or juices of vegetables with high sugar content. Among these vegetables are carrots and beets which can actually cause blood sugar spikes. To avoid having this, try to investigate your family’s history first. If diabetes runs in the family, then you should be careful in juicing fruits and vegetables that are high in sugar.