Best Ninja Blender Reviews 2019 – Top Picks & Buyer’s Guide

Ninja Blender Result

I’m sure you often silently say to yourself – I wish I lived a healthier lifestyle. I know I do. So, what is stopping you from transforming your vision of perfect health to reality? One big stumbling block is just plain old inconvenience. So, if you want to kick-start your healthy lifestyle without blowing all […]

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Best Masticating Juicers 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

masticating juicers in action

You might have come after gasping at the price of a top of the line masticating juicer to find out what makes them so special. They are more expensive but specialized products command a premium. A masticating juicer solves many of the previous problems that juice aficionados face in their quest for great juice. They […]

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Best Juicers for Leafy Greens 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

green juice

Leafy greens can be hard to juice. They lack heft, so they can get tangled up in juicers and some juicers do not get the most out of them. If you are concentrating on your health and juicing is your way of consuming the required greens, then you need to find a juicer that excels […]

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Best Blenders For Smoothies 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews


Your love for smoothies and your commitment to living a super-healthy lifestyle has brought you here. But, when your smoothies need more chewing and less sipping, something has got to change – and that thing is your blender. After all, a smoothie must be… smooth. Regular blenders have neither the power nor the jar-capacity to […]

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Best Blenders For Juicing 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

juice from a blender

In this guide, we will let you know about the best blender for juicing right now. We will show you our top pick, the best pick for the money, and a lot more picks in our review section. We will also give you a handy buying guide to show you how to choose the perfect […]

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Best Blenders For Green Smoothies – Top Picks & Reviews 2019

green smoothies

It’s not impossible to chop greens fine enough for perfect smoothies, but it is pretty hard. Part of the job is knowing how to stack what you’re blending, with the most fibrous things – probably your greens – on the bottom and progressively getting mushier. The other part is getting the right blender. It’s not […]

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