The Best Apple Varieties for Juicing


Surely you’re aware of different colors of apple—these colors are actually the varieties of the famous apple. To help you figure out what to use for yourself or for someone in particular, we’ve prepared descriptions of each variety. Let’s get started!

  1. Golden Delicious – Sometimes referred to as Yellow Delicious, this type is perfect for all recipes. This sweet variety from West Virginia is great for salads, baking, pies, sauces, and beverages. It’s the parent apple of Red Delicious and Gala Apple. It has higher acid content than the two and is ideal for those who prefer a sour juice instead of a sweet one.
  2. Red Delicious – Having its name on lights, this variety naturally contains more sugar than others. This apple, which originated in Iowa, has a crunchy texture and makes the sweetest apple juice. This shiny apple variety has a high level of antioxidants and is rich in fiber. It has numerous nutrients as well. This is why it’s always best to leave the skin on during the juicing process. This allows you to get all the nutrition from this gorgeous-looking red apple. No wonder Snow White couldn’t resist!
  3. Gala – Gala apples are sweet as well. This variety came from New Zealand and is perfect for sauces, baking, snacking, freezing, and juicing. Homegrown gala apples are sweeter than those you can find in the supermarket and why this is so is still a mystery. Gala apples are great substitutes for red delicious.
  4. Fuji – This variety originated from Japan and is another super sweet, crunchy apple. They go great with other foods and even with wine! They contain 15-18 percent sugar levels making them perfect for those who crave for a glass of sweet apple juice. This apple is another awesome proxy for red delicious.
  5. Granny Smith – This apple variety hailed from Australia and is believed to descend from French Crabapples. Because it has low sugar, it has a tasty sharp, sour flavor. Well, obviously, the darker the apple, the sweeter it is (unless, of course, when it’s rotten which makes it bitter). If you prefer a somewhat bitter, acidic apple juice, then you’d appreciate juicing this apple. It also has a high antioxidant level similar to the red delicious.
  6. Ashmead’s Kernel – This type of apple came from England and is known today as a juicing apple. It is an apple, yes, but it actually tastes more like a pear than the other apples. And because of this, the juice you’ll make out of it will taste differently as well. Most people will find the taste odd, but it’s definitely worth the try.

There you have it! The best and most common apples for juicing. They’re absolutely easy to find and prepare. Do try out other varieties if you wish. Just remember to take out the seeds before juicing. These pips have a small amount of toxic cyanide and will make your juice taste terrible.

However, if you have swallowed one accidentally, you don’t have to worry. We, humans, are protected from it in a number of ways.

We can all agree that apples are delicious, and not only are they delicious. They also come with some great health benefits. Read more about it in our post about the health benefits of apples.

  • Updated January 30, 2017
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