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7 Best Vitamix Alternatives of 2021 – Reviews & Guide

a vitamix blender alternatives

Vitamix is a top contender in the fierce blender market, but its price points are murderous. These prices aren’t too surprising, though, when you consider some of the impressive specs behind Vitamix models, such as 2.0 horsepower motors and 10-year warranties. Behind the expense, Vitamix has muscle. However, the market is full of blenders comparable […]

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6 Best NutriBullet Alternatives 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

a nutribullet alternative

Among single-serve blenders, NutriBullet has held the crown of top performers for years. Some of this may be attributed to keen advertising or sleek design, or it may be because its blenders are indispensable on stressful mornings for on-the-go health enthusiasts and busy parents. Its affordable models are built with you and your mental health […]

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Vitamix 6500 Blender Review – Pros, Cons & Verdict

blending berries

Review Summary Vitamix blenders are not like their competition. The Vitamix 6500 (like all of its Vitamix brothers and sisters) is incredibly powerful. And it’s rich enough in features to make anything from ice cream, to steaming soup. This particular unit is loaded with features that make it friendly for an amateur kitchen. Its low […]

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Vitamix 7500 Blender Review – Pros, Cons & Verdict

blending strawberry watermelon shake

Review Summary If you’re in the market for a high-end blender, it really doesn’t get a whole lot higher end than the Vitamix 7500. Yes, it costs a small fortune. And yes, you could probably get several blenders for the price of this one. But hey, you pay for quality, right? This unit features variable […]

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9 Best Centrifugal Juicers of 2021 – Top Picks & Reviews

a centrifugal juicer

Juicing is a great way to extract nutrients from your food to make a healthy, tasty drink. Of course, those benefits are only worth it if you can find a great centrifugal juicer without the process being so stressful that you need the juice more than ever. Shopping online can be a pain, but we’ve […]

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8 Best Juicing Books of 2021 – Reviews & Guide

juicing books featured image

Juicing is all the rage, but how do you know what flavors will blend well with others? There are all kinds of books in the stores that will tell you the best types of foods to juice to get certain nutrients, as well as tasty recipes to blend juices. We have reviewed many of them […]

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8 Best Manual Juicers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

a manual juicer

Juicing has become very popular. Some people juice a variety of fruits, vegetables, and greens daily. Electric juicers are stronger and better for those who often juice large amounts. Other people prefer juice in smaller quantities, either for drinking or cooking with. Manual juicers are great in those circumstances. There are so many juicers on […]

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10 Best KitchenAid Blender Reviews 2021 – Top Picks & Guide

kitchenaid blender

KitchenAid is such a well-known quality brand for kitchen appliances that it’s no wonder that they’re a top choice for blenders. You may be surprised to learn that KitchenAid manufactures a wide variety of blenders, each with different capacities, power levels, and designs. As you start to research different blender options, you’ll quickly learn that […]

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8 Best Celery Juicers of 2021 – Reviews & Guide

a celery juicer

Celery is a vegetable that gives many juicers headaches. It sometimes sneaks through machines without getting juiced, and other times, even when cut and crushed, it stubbornly holds on to its juice. If you’re looking to make a healthy, nutritious beverage from celery, you need a juicer that’s up to the task. This list is […]

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