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Vitamix 5300 vs 6300: Which Blender is Better?

Vitamix 6300 vs 5300

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s decision is a tough one in the best possible way. The two contenders covered in this review are the Vitamix 5300 and the Vitamix 6300—both high-powered blenders with enough features to easily satisfy the needs of most users. The decision is hard because of just how good both of these products […]

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Vitamix 5200 vs 5300: Which Blender’s Better?

Vitamix 5200 vs 5300

When the Vitamix 5200 came to market it was an instant classic in both the personal and professional market. We’re talking about a blender that you could expect to find in culinary schools here. In general, Vitamix has a reputation for making very good (and also very expensive) blenders. They’ve made a line of products […]

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Ninja vs Vitamix: Which Blender is Better?

How well is your current blender handling your new juicing habits? What about those ice chunks in your smoothie? Maybe you don’t even own a blender and are looking for one that will last you for a while? The thing is, many blenders can’t adequately juice certain ingredients like ginger, kale, and carrots. They wind […]

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Nutri Ninja vs NutriBullet: Which Blender is Better?

Nutri Ninja vs Nutribullet green

We’re going to compare two of the most popular blenders on the market today to help you determine which is best for you: the Nutri Ninja Blender and the NutriBullet. The Nutri Ninja Blender: The word “ninja” brings to mind a picture of a person in a black suit who’s about to karate chop something, […]

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Vitamix Professional Series 200 vs 5200: Which is Best?

Vitamix Professional 200 vs 5200

Today we are looking at two titans in the world of blenders. The Vitamix Professional Series 200, and the Vitamix 5200. On the one hand, the 5200: a true classic in top-tier blenders. It is as beloved in home kitchens as it has been in culinary schools. On the other hand, the Vitamix Professional Series […]

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Vitamix 5200 vs 6300: Which Blender is Better?

Vitamix 5200 vs 6300

Choosing a blender can be hard. Choosing between two of the best blenders on the market is much harder. This is the issue that we are addressing today as we take a head to head look at the Vitamix 5200, and the Vitamix 6300. Vitamix, in general, makes some of the best blenders on the […]

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10 Best Blenders For Crushing Ice & Frozen Drinks in 2021

There’s nothing quite like an ice-cold smoothie. But if you want to save money and make it at home, you’ll need a blender that’s powerful enough to crush ice and frozen fruit. Finding the best model for your needs can be a time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. To help you shop for […]

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