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5 Pumpkin Juice Recipes (with Pictures)

Pumpkin juice

Pumpkin Spice Lattes from your favorite coffee shop might be seasonal, but we have found a new and glorious way to enjoy your favorite fall flavors all year round. We are talking about juicing of course! Whether you like your drinks to be a touch spicy, sweet or even earthy, surely there is a juicing […]

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10 Refreshing Watermelon Juice Recipes (with Pictures)

watermelon juice

Watermelon is always a hit on a hot summer day. It’s essentially a tall drink of water served as a delicious and crunchy fruit. The only downfall, you ask? It manages to drip down our hands and often onto our clothing. Nothing like a few pink dots to really pull an outfit together! To this, […]

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10 Refreshing Carrot Juice Recipes (with Pictures)

carrot juice

Always a fan favorite, the carrot is an excellent ingredient when it comes to preparing your juicing recipes. It is naturally sweet, has incredible health benefits, and adds a zesty and refreshing color that we simply cannot resist! What better way to pay homage to such a classic and timeless vegetable than to create a […]

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10 Sweet Beet Juice Recipes (with Pictures)

Beet juice

You might be wondering why it’s taken so long for this sweet and unique vegetable to make its debut as the primary ingredient in your juicing recipes. It does so much more than contribute a rich color, it adds depth, natural sweetness, and a ton of health benefits. We have decided to take the beet […]

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10 Juicing Recipes: Simple & Fresh Ideas (with Pictures)

fresh juice

The juicing craze began a few years back and although it seemed like the next big fad, has grown in popularity and has proven to be more than just the latest health trend. In fact, juicing has been around for decades, debuting in gyms and by way of juicing chains.  One of the most attractive […]

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6 Tasty Celery Juice Recipes (with Pictures)

Vegetable juice with celery

Celery is an underrated superfood – this stocky vegetable is packed full of vitamins (A, K, E) and minerals (potassium, folate) and aids a ton of common day ailments such as poor or slowed digestion, inflammation, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  The 6 Best Celery Juice Recipes  Juicing celery takes the consumption of this […]

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12 Smoothie Recipes for Kids & Toddlers (with Pictures)

child and toddler approved smoothie recipes

For anyone who has unsuccessfully tried feeding their picky child or toddler fruits and vegetables – there is a better solution! Smoothies are a great way to incorporate the foods your little ones might refuse to eat otherwise. The best part about these recipes, they are child-approved and absolutely foolproof! Give a few of these […]

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20 Fruit Smoothie Recipes (with Pictures)

fruit smoothie recipes

The base of a great smoothie is likely going to be one of your favorite fruits – bananas, strawberries, watermelon – you name it, there’s sure to be a recipe! Fruits are an essential part of a nutritious diet and ensuring you get the proper portions per day is key. Smoothies are a great alternative […]

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