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Do You Need to Peel Lemons Before Juicing?


If you have come to the popular conclusion that consuming the recommended daily portion of fruits and vegetables is better accomplished with a glass and a straw, we agree! Juicing is fast becoming the most effective way to get all of your vitamins and minerals without the yucky taste of kale and broccoli. That being […]

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Do You Need to Peel Ginger Before Juicing?


Do you ever wonder whether you should peel your ginger before you use it in a juicer? If you are a fan of juicing, the answer is likely, yes. The answer to the question at hand, however, is no. There is no need to peel your ginger before juicing it in your latest beverage concoction. […]

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10 Tasty Green Smoothie Recipes (with Pictures)

green smoothie

Smoothies are often associated with healthy living. Ideal substitutions for a meal when created with the proper intention and can provide your body with your daily servings of fruits, veggies, and grains. Not to mention the seemingly endless supply of vitamins, minerals, and health benefits. Smoothies can be created in a wide range of colors […]

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10 Refreshing Watermelon Juice Recipes (with Pictures)

watermelon juice

Watermelon is always a hit on a hot summer day. It’s essentially a tall drink of water served as a delicious and crunchy fruit. The only downfall, you ask? It manages to drip down our hands and often onto our clothing. Nothing like a few pink dots to really pull an outfit together! To this, […]

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The Lovely Nectar Juicery Has Closed All Its Locations

Delicious juice

The popular Nectar Juicery has closed all of its Vancouver based locations. Having opened three stores, two pop-ups, and a juice cart, the holistic juice company closed its doors in May 2019. Founder, Tori Holmes, announced the closure in a video on her Instagram account and, while regular customers of the juice bar will be […]

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6 Tasty Celery Juice Recipes (with Pictures)

Vegetable juice with celery

Celery is an underrated superfood – this stocky vegetable is packed full of vitamins (A, K, E) and minerals (potassium, folate) and aids a ton of common day ailments such as poor or slowed digestion, inflammation, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  The 6 Best Celery Juice Recipes  Juicing celery takes the consumption of this […]

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20 Fruit Smoothie Recipes (with Pictures)

fruit smoothie recipes

The base of a great smoothie is likely going to be one of your favorite fruits – bananas, strawberries, watermelon – you name it, there’s sure to be a recipe! Fruits are an essential part of a nutritious diet and ensuring you get the proper portions per day is key. Smoothies are a great alternative […]

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The Juicing Magazine

Juicer KingsDelicious & Healthy Juice from the Comfort of your Home get started How-to guides Recipes Gear reviews Trending Posts ALWAYS FRESH SINCE 2016Juicer KingsOur missionTo simplify the art of making delicious and healthy juice.WE DO THIS BY CREATING:Easy-to-follow how-to guidesJuicer & blender reviewsRefreshing recipes

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10 Best Cuisinart Blenders 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Cuisinart BFP-10CH PowerBlend Duet Blender Food Processor

Cuisinart, initially famous for its food processors, has been around for decades. It’s a trusted kitchen appliance brand, so you know you’ll be buying a great blender. But with a wide range of available models, how do you decide which to buy? To help you pick a great Cuisinart blender, we tested all of the […]

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