6 Fact You Must Know Before You Start Juicing


Think you’re ready to juice? Better read the following first before you start!

  1. Invest in a good juicer. Always trust the brands that have the best customer service and customer feedback. Don’t settle for less. Put your money to something worth buying. Some juicers can’t extract properly and some aren’t even durable. So in choosing, be careful! Check the warranty of the product before purchasing as well. Also, once you have one, don’t forget to clean it properly. Dismantle the parts and clean it using running water. If you juiced fruits, use mild detergent then rinse it well. Make sure it’s not oily and that the smell of the detergent doesn’t stay since it might affect the aroma and taste of your future juice. We have a guide dedicated to this found here.
  2. Buy organic produce. Juicing produces concentrated, vitamin-loaded drinks. If there are unwanted pesticides and chemical residue on the produce, it will also be concentrated! So the best thing to do is to make sure your produce is healthy. You wouldn’t want chemicals inside your body. They may cost more, but it’s worth it.
  3. Make it a daily routine. Juicing every day may be demanding at first, so you have to keep doing it to make it a routine. It’s best to substitute your breakfast meal with a leafy green vegetable juice. If you’re always drinking coffee in the afternoon, then replace that coffee with juice. Also, it’s ideal to drink a glass 30 minutes before you eat dinner. Don’t get in a state, drinking juice every day is not a mortal sin. Just be sure to have a variety of choices. Drink when your stomach is empty. The best time to intake juice is in the morning—when your stomach is empty. If not, then 30 minutes before a meal. This will help you to absorb all the nutrients you need.
  4. Don’t always juice fruits. Fruits are high in sugar and because of this, juicing fruits all the time can increase your sugar levels. Plus, fruit juice will allow fats to add up in your body as it stores extra sugars in your fat cells and liver. You may even have trouble with your insulin levels especially if you’re diabetic or if diabetes runs in the family. Green vegetables are less flavorful but are healthier. The greener the vegetable, the more nutrition it has. However, the taste may not be appetizing. If you think you aren’t primed for pure green vegetable juice, then you can add green apples or carrots to your juice.
  5. Drink the juice immediately. Never ever allow the fruit to oxidize. Oxidation is caused when the fruits react with oxygen. Remember that oxidized juice is spoiled juice. Once oxidized, they will lose their nutrients and spoil. Therefore, you must consume them right away after juicing. Some fruits and vegetables do not oxidize rapidly, but you still have to drink them within minutes.
  6. Drinking juice lets our digestive system rest. Solid foods require our digestive system to work with effort. Drinking juice will allow it to take a break and recover from digestion overload especially if we eat more than what we need to eat.