5 Juice Mistakes That Most People Are Making


Oh no! Are you making these juicing mistakes? Read on to find out if you are!

  1. Your juicing routine lacks the color GREEN.
    If you’re only juicing fruits, you might as well check your blood sugar! Fruits contain sugar and the more you drink fruit juice, the more sugar you load your body with, and that’s not healthy. I’m positive that you don’t want diabetes. So, think twice before you juice a fruit.Solution: If you’re already used to juicing fruits and changing your ingredients to all veggies is difficult and heartbreaking, then start by reducing your fruit juice per week. For instance, plan to take fruit juices twice in a week first. Once you’re used to the taste of healthy vegetable juices, then reduce it to once a week. Green juices are filled with nutrients and you’ll be surprised by how they can help your body improve. You can also take sweet vegetable juices if you want, but try to take them once a week.Green vegetables won’t cause problems with your blood sugar and insulin levels like fruits and vegetables, so you have to start loving them.
  2. Experimenting without researching.
    Unless you want to be sick, then you can do this. But I’m sure you’re still sane. It’s a mistake to put random ingredients into your juicer and wishing (even praying) that it’ll turn out to be the best experimental juice you’ve ever tried to make. Unless you research, you won’t be knowledgeable about what ingredients go great together and what fruits and vegetables can be mixed. Don’t waste your money by wasting your ingredients!Solution: Do your research. Look for the recipes you prefer. If you have favorite fruits and vegetables, then find out whether they can go together or not. You wouldn’t want to throw up after the first sip, so the best thing to do is to research. And remember not to make the first mistake!
  3. Not consuming on an empty belly.
    Truth be told, you should drink your juice on an empty stomach. Don’t fret, drinking it before your meals won’t harm your body. It will help you absorb all the nutrients you need as you take your meals. Drinking on an empty stomach will cause you hunger for nutriment and will help you take in anything you consume next.Solution: Drink your juice 30 minutes before your meals.
  4. Drinking as if you’re racing.
    You don’t have to finish your glass of juice in five seconds, so don’t be in such a hurry! Our digestive system is sensitive. So if you aren’t calm, it will have a hard time processing the juice you’re drinking.Solution: Take the time you need. Relax. Sit down. Get some peace of mind while you drink. Also, it may sound weird, but you actually have to let it sit in your mouth for a while before you swallow. It’ll help the enzymes work with your saliva and will help you get the nutrients you need.
  5. Your juice has permanently replaced solid food.
    This is one of the most dangerous mistakes. Replacing your meals with juice is definitely a bad idea unless you’re juice fasting, which isn’t permanent.Our bodies need fuel to work properly and when you divest your body of solid food, you will, later on, suffer from cravings, energy loss, fatigue, and you may even pass out. Fruits, vegetables, poultry, and meat all have to work together to keep your body in a good condition.Solution: Only replace solid food with juice if you’re on a juice fast.
  • Updated January 25, 2017
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